Buckingham Airpark

Buckingham Airpark is a "live with your plane" community located in Fort Myers approximately 6 miles north of RSW. The official airport designation is FL59 and 122.9 is the common advisory frequency. The runway is 14/32 and is 4000 feet long, hard surface/concrete, 400 feet wide.

Buckingham Airpark is a private community which currently has 54 homes. The roads are shared with aircraft and vehicles. Due caution needs to be observed when driving and taxiing as this is a residential neighborhood with many children.

Buckingham Airpark is a deed restricted community and also has a Homeowners Association.

Here’s an example of their local community schedule:

  • Every Saturday Morning, breakfast Fly outs generally leaving 7:45 
  • First Sunday of each Month, Page Field pancake breakfast
  • Every Wednesday morning--Fly out to Sebring
  • Daily morning coffee at Don's (Mon, Tues. Thurs, Fri)
  • Daily Happy Hour at Smitty's Hangar from 4pm till whenever daily, all invited!